Empowering Citywide Project Coordination

A map-based coordination solution for visual insight into all your citywide projects, events, overlaps and cost-saving opportunities

Project Coordination Starts With a Map

More collaboration, less conflicts and better project planning


​Visualize your projects to make data-driven decisions


Use scenario building for project resource and cost allocation


Identify project overlaps and coordination opportunities

Leading Cities Need Powerful Technology

Coordinate was built by industry leaders for cutting-edge cities

Google Maps Integration

The Coordinate application has full access to Google’s worldwide database of over 100 million business listings.

Google Cloud Platform

With the Google Cloud Platform, use Google’s core infrastructure, data analytics and machine learning for your project coordination.

Seamless Map Based Project Coordination in One Simple Tool

Coordinate uses Google Maps, ESRI, Nokia Here and other LRS systems for a robust mapping experience. Plan detours, schedule events, resolve conflicts and approve permits all in one dashboard.

Planning Smarter

Partner with Coordinate for all your city planning needs. Coordinate projects across your city, view permits and moratoriums, and facilitate communication across departments.

automate workflows. save resources.

Get automatic alerts when events or projects conflict with right-of-way activities. set workflows to identify future overlaps, resolve conflicts and assign tasks.

improve communication. mitigate conflicts.

Streamline the communication process between public and private agencies for faster conflict resolution and resource optimization.


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